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PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM (Top Level-Awards-2015)
Bruce Roan receives the 2015 Cider Pub of the Year Award from Dickie Bird
Added by: Dickie
Date: 8-Mar-16
Taken on 13th June 2015
Gold Award 2015 - Landlord Stuart Cross, of the Vine, Coates and one of the regulars, Neil Holmes.
Added by: Dickie
Date: 8-Mar-16
Presented on Sat 17th October, 2015
The Letter B, Whittlesey - Landlord Bruce Roan receives his County Cider PotY award
Added by: Dickie
Date: 8-Mar-16
Presented by Andy Shaw on 17th October 2015. Photo from Daryl Ling.
Gold Award to the Shoulder of Mutton, Weldon
Added by: Dickie
Date: 8-Mar-16
Bogdan and his team receive their award on 4th Dec. Photo by Daryl Ling

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