CAMPAIGN FOR REAL ALE Peterborough & District Branch
BEER FESTIVALS (FOUR WEEKS FROM Thursday 26th July 2018)
Monday 23rd July, 2018 to Saturday 28th July, 2018
Cambridge Blue Beer Festival
85 Gwtdir St, Cambridge, CB1 2LG
At the Cambridge Blue Pub

Cambridge Blue Summer Beer festival. 100+ Real ales and ciders.

Food served throughout all sessions

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Thursday 26th July, 2018 to Sunday 29th July, 2018
School's Out Beer Festival
Coalheavers Arms, Park St, Peterborough PE2 9BH
12 beers with a school theme, 6 each from Old School & 3 Piers
Provisional beer list
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Thursday 23rd August, 2018 to Monday 27th August, 2018
Charters Beer Festival
The Boat on the river
Beers from 20 brewers, keg beers and gin
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