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The Peterborough Beer Festival is a Real Ale Festival held annually on the Peterborough Embankment by Peterborough and District Campaign for Real Ale. Peterborough and District Campaign for Real Ale is part of the national organisation, Campaign for Real Ale whose Registered Office is 230 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 4LW
Policy Statement
Peterborough Beer Festival accepts its responsibility for providing and maintaining, so far as is reasonably practicable, at all times during the setting up and running of the Peterborough Beer Festival, an environment that is both safe and healthy for all.
To this end Peterborough Beer Festival will take all steps within its powers to meet its responsibilities under The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and all other legal requirements for Health and Safety, and actively seeks the full and understanding co-operation of all persons involved in the festival for their commitment to the same.
The Peterborough Beer Festival will annually review this policy as required by the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974.
Responsibilities of Festival Organiser and Festival Committee
The Festival Organiser and Festival Committee shall have overall responsibility for all aspects of Health and Safety and shall so far as is reasonably practicable ensure that everybody under their control is familiar with the Peterborough Beer Festival Safety Policy and arrangements. The Festival Organiser and Festival Committee will encourage at all times the co-operation of all volunteers, contractors, vendors, exhibitors and members of the public for their commitment to the same.
Responsibilities of Safety Officer
The Safety Officer shall be responsible in conjunction with the Festival Organiser and Festival Committee for preparing and revising (as appropriate) the Health and Safety Policy for the Peterborough Beer Festival and in addition shall: Provide guidance and advice on Health and Safety matters. In conjunction with the Festival Organiser and Festival Committee shall promote safety consciousness at all levels. Liase with Medical, Fire Authority, HSE, Local Authorities and other appropriate bodies both before the festival and as appropriate during the festival and afterwards. Carry out a pre festival inspection of the site (If possible in conjunction with the enforcing authorities) Carry out audits with the appropriate members of the organising committee. Be available during the festival to monitor compliance with the Festival's Safety requirements and to be the point of contact for health and safety matters. Investigate and record all accidents/incidents and provide statistics for the Festival Organiser and Festival Committee. In addition to the above the Safety Officer has the authority to require the Cessation of unsafe practices where this is considered essential. Where a requirement to stop an unsafe practice is not complied with, the Safety Officer will liase with the Festival Organiser to deal with the problem.
These persons have specific responsibilities as listed below and in addition will assist with the implementation and enforcement of the Health and Safety Policy and arrangements, and will liase with other committee members, Safety Officer and Festival Organiser in dealing with emergencies and major incidents at the Peterborough Beer Festival.
Site Services Manager
To ensure that all contractors on site abide with the Health and Safety Policy To ensure that all contractors provide suitable and sufficient risk assessments and method statements for work to be carried out. (in conjunction with the Safety Officer) To ensure that all building work is compliant with relevant legislation. To ensure that that all Fire precautions are in place and have been agreed with the local fire authority. To ensure that a suitable number welfare facilities are provided.
Staffing Officers
To ensure that all volunteers are aware of the safety procedures for the festival. To ensure that an accurate register of volunteers on site is maintained. To ensure that all accidents/incidents are recorded. To provide suitable personnel protective equipment when required. To ensure that all managers are aware of the responsibilities for emergency procedures.
Festival Logistics
To ensure that all vehicles brought on to site comply with relevant legislation. To ensure that effective methods of communication are available at the festival (including set up and take down.)
Festival Treasurer
To ensure that sufficient monies are made available in matters regarding Health and Safety.
Exhibitors Contractors and Trade Stand Holders
All persons taking part in the operation of the show (exhibitors, trade stand holders, contractors etc. have a shared responsibility to ensure that they comply with the requirements of this safety policy and arrangements.
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